Daily Fresh Home-made Thai Food

In Spicy Bangkok Express we only use fresh ingredients and high quality products to bring you the best taste of our Thai culture and spices.

Our most famous Pad Thai

$750Thin rice noodles sauteed in special sauce with eggs, bean sprouts, green onions and crust peanut.

Bangkok Chicken

$850Crispy chicken sauteed with ginger tomato sauce topped with green onions.

The best Thai Soup

$350The most famous Thai soup with mushrooms, green onions and tomatoes.

THE’ Pad Pak

$750Sauteed in brown sauce with bamboo shoots, broccoli, carrots, celery, mushrooms, napa, peapods and water chestnuts.

Fried Amazing Rice

$750Fried rice string beans, green peppers, basil leaves and ground chill pepper.

Delicious Pad See Ew

$750 Wide rice noodles sauteed in brown sweet sauce with eggs and broccoli.

Authentic Thai Food

Comfortable dining in, express take out & the best custumer services


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